Get rewarded while you work – Introducing Rewards!

Freelancer Gamification Level Up

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest site innovation for easy appraisal of your work experience and performance: Rewards! The program recognizes your experience and accomplishments with points, badges, and progress bars, and rewards you for them with bonuses and credits that you can spend at our new Credits Shop.  Basic, Standard, and Premium members can unlock these rewards and use the credits to buy project upgrades, extra bids per month, or even exam upgrades.

It’s our way of saying thanks for your ongoing support, and giving back to our growing network of over 4 million members. Here’s how it works:

Increase your Reward level with experience points!

Freelancer Rewards Gamification Objectives XP

Use the way you always have – post projects and contests, bid, win projects, make money, build up your reputation.  But now, you earn experience points (XP) for completing certain actions.  You can keep track of how many XP you’ve earned by checking your Level Bar.  It’s the green progress bar next to your username at the top of the page.  It tells you what your current Rewards Level is and how many XP you have to earn to advance to the next.

Actions that earn you XP can be anything from adding a profile picture or posting a project to submitting a contest entry or releasing a milestone payment. We’ve given you a head start on identifying XP-eligible actions by providing a short list of objectives in the dropdown menu next to your Level Bar.  Complete these actions to start earning XP and leveling up.

Right now you can progress through 20 Rewards Levels.  Every time you advance to a higher level, you unlock a new range of perks and rewards to boost your membership features and increase your chances to win projects.  These bonuses include faster bid refresh rates, more skills, more bids per month, plus a whole lot more – but we’ll leave it up to you to discover these rewards for yourself as we’d hate to spoil the surprise!

Earn credits to spend in the new Credits Shop!

Freelancer Rewards Credit Shop Gamification

Not only do you earn XP to increase your Rewards Level, you’ll also earn our new rewards currency, Freelancer Credits.  Use these credits to shop in our Credits Shop, which sells a variety of upgrades and promotional offers.

Expect to see free exam vouchers, free project upgrades, Double XP earnings boosters, extra bids to add to your monthly allotment, and more!  You’d better hurry though because some of these items may be limited in stock and only available for a short time.  Get them while they’re hot!

New Badges to showcase achievements!

Freelancer Rewards Badges Gamification Achievements

As you’re earning XP and progressing through our 20 Rewards Levels, you can also collect badges to highlight your achievements.  There are 3 badge categories – Standard, Pro, and Elite, in order of increasing difficulty.

Standard badges are quite easy to earn, whereas Pro badges, while not too difficult, will require slightly more effort to achieve. Elite badges are accessible to only our most dedicated members, but we’re sure you’re up to the challenge!

Just to give you an idea, here are a few of the badges you can earn:

  • ‘The Achiever’ badge for accepting to work on 50 projects.
  • ‘Smooth Operator’ for completing 10 projects on time.
  • ‘The Regular’ badge for logging in every day for 1 week straight.

You can choose which badges to display publicly on your profile page.  It’s a great way to let the community see your hard work and dedication at a glance.

So what are you waiting for? Log in now and start leveling up, earning credits, and showcasing your new badges!

60 thoughts on “Get rewarded while you work – Introducing Rewards!

  1. Avijit M says:

    Great Feature. It help me to enhance my profile page. the redeem feature is amazing. Freelancer simply the best. :)

  2. ImanGh says:

    It is kind of game ;)
    It is intresting, you can play while you are earning mony. We should be careful do not wast our valuable time, though.

  3. David Cooper says:

    Please stop making it like a game, it should have a serious and decent personality, thousands of people are running their homes by working on this this and you’re making it fun looking which in result will create an overall impact of fun and non professionalism.

  4. Mr Green says:

    This is a great idea, but it should have been back dated. For example I have 2 x payment methods verified and don’t want to add another one just to get the exp. I’ve also posted over 100 projects, but this is not shown.

  5. shourov says:

    this is a cool thing. that can be helpful for the freelancer.
    i like this thing.

  6. Great post and information. I like the new badge system and I very much appreciate that there is performance system in place. I will be using Freelancer more extensively, thank you very much.

  7. logozen says:

    I love the new features and layout Freelancer has rolled out; yes it does seem like they employed some strategies that make certain apps and games so successful, but I love the fact that all these perks and rewards serve a very unique purpose, one that few (if any) other freelancing sites offer: 100% complete customer support, for both employer and employee.

    I was already very happy with the customer attention I have received so far here; now I am able to shout out the advertisement that Freelancer has no equal!

    Best regards and thanks so much!

  8. Might be interesting once they get it properly programmed. So far it behaves very strangely. Example: I created 4 milestone requests, deleted them and created them anew. Result: All experience points are gone.

  9. Santhosh says:

    Basically nobody else provide this kid of opportunities for the enterpreuners. Thank you

  10. Sam says:

    How Badge system works?

    Look at the profile of he obtained the First Rank in with only few reviews also his feedback dates are too old whereas he has joined the in may 2012.

    He scored 2,960,976 in Is the badge system really worth and works well?

  11. ritzdigitals says:

    Love to see rewards point. it’s great features in freelancer site.

    How come one get it top position without much efforts. Please refer users in position 1. this person is in top with score of “2,960,976″.. Great one is getting such a high score.. How it’s possible? Can admin check this.

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