acquires Scriptlance!

All Scriptlance users should have received an email with your login details. If you have not received this email, please contact Support at

Freelancer acquires is very excited to announce that we have just acquired Scriptlance – the fifth largest freelance marketplace in the world. We are delighted to welcome Scriptlance members to This is great news for both Scriptlance and members and makes an even stronger marketplace.

Scriptlance members will immediately notice that outsourcing work and winning projects is easier and faster than ever on Employers will find a much deeper pool of world-class talent, with over 4 million skilled freelancers ready to complete your projects. Also, with over 2.3 million projects completed to date in over 450 skill categories, the opportunities available to freelancers are now greater than ever before!

What does this mean for existing Scriptlance members?

All Scriptlance members will be automatically transitioned to the platform. This process will commence immediately to minimise disruption to members and active projects. You can rest assured that it’s business as usual as your user information and projects are moved across to, including: account balances, user profiles, messages, milestone payments, active projects and past projects.

Members who have accounts on both Scriptlance and, will have their accounts merged into their existing account. This will allow members to continue completing work without interruption.

All affected members will receive information via email outlining the transition process in more detail as well as any action they may need to take to complete the transition. If you have any questions during this migration process, please contact Support by emailing

FREE Memberships and other great benefits to welcome you to!

To help Scriptlance members transition to and to show our appreciation for the great Scriptlance community, is giving FREE memberships to all Scriptlance users as of midnight, 8th July 2012 EDT! Freelancers and employers will receive the following benefits:

For Employers:

  • 6 months FREE Premium Membership (valued at over US$300) for any new Employer who has transacted on a project on Scriptlance in the past and spent over $400. Premium Membership means no Employer fees on projects plus many other great benefits!
  • 30 days FREE Standard Membership (valued at US$24.95) for all other employers.
  • Your profile will be highlighted with a special “Foundation Scriptlance Member” badge.


For Freelancers:

  • FREE 30 day Premium Membership (valued at US$49.95) for Certified Scriptlance members.
  • FREE 30 day Standard Membership (valued at US$24.95) for Verified Scriptlance members.
  • FREE 30 day Standard Membership (valued at US$24.95) if you are a new member
  • FREE 30 day Basic Membership (valued at US$4.95) for all other Scriptlance members
  • Your profile will be highlighted with a special “Foundation Scriptlance Member” badge

(For more information on the great benefits memberships have to offer, check out the Memberships.)

What does this mean for members?

We are excited about the growth in the marketplace that this presents for our members. Our employers will be able to draw from an even deeper pool of freelance talent, so you can get your projects completed even faster and to greater quality. Freelancers will have more projects and clients than ever to choose from to more easily earn money and develop their skills. This is a great development for all members and presents a very exciting time for the platform.

Post a Project FREE now to get the most out of the platform.

(For more information read the full Press Release.)

115 thoughts on “ acquires Scriptlance!

  1. Niladri says:

    Hi, that is excellent news. But what about Payable? Will I still be able to login to Payable using Scriptlance ID, or will it be my Freelancer ID now?

  2. Marc Bah says:

    This is horrible news

    I’m really disappointed in

    how can we do this, we who have decided to be set on their sites, they want to kill us,

    how they could accept to be bought by

    I sincerely do not agree, not at all, they just lost nearly 2000 programmers.

    frankly, I had a bad impression on, the monthly subscription rates, costs of projects they do not pay back as you come across a bad buyer.

    I say no, no, no, this contract, I do not agree. is big business and receives the right to do anything with its programmers.

    This is the end of the line work for us.

    I request the creation of a new that all who are for this creation, contact me immediately or clic on like of the new webpage.

  3. Anjan says:

    I am a verified member of SL. So I will get 30 days free Standard membership. Then what will happen after those 30 days?

  4. Polash says:

    Great Idea , If i have and account in scriptlance and username : itplanet20 and If i create same usename to ? Then ?

  5. ScriptLance had a painstakingly long withdrawal process, Freelancer was always much faster. However, ScriptLance had a supreme open-skill policy which allowed anyone to just bid, regardless of the skillset. What happens to our reviews and ratings? Will these be merged, too?

  6. Pawanvir says:

    Great! and i think we old Freelancers on will be getting more projects posted by scriptlance employers (now freelancer employers)

  7. Ivo Carvalho says:

    Will my scriptlance reviews be imported into my freelancer account ?

    What will happen to the Ranking system ? I’m currently ranked #2 in Software.

  8. Agata says:

    Does it mean that my project dispute that I have on Scriptlance will finally be handled? I’ve been waiting for 3 months to get my money back and Scriptlance have been refusing to review the case. I will appreciate if finally looks into it.

  9. andres says:

    Exellent news! Congratulations!
    Will it be possible to import employer reviews from scriptlance into my freelance account?

  10. jcreation says:

    When will this transformation be done? As mentioned in the blogpost, all script lance members will receive an e-mail, but is there also some date set already when this will happen? The news was made yesterday, but until now I didn’t received anything…

    For us Freelancers, it’s important to know when we will have to switch.


  11. Christopher says:

    Great! I am also a scriptlance basic member. But also I am a standard member of freelancer currently, so does this mean that I will get one extra standard membership month added to my current plan? If this is the case I should say WOW! :D

  12. Ali says:

    Good news, I have a few questions.

    I have different username on Scriptlance and different on Freelancer, I have about 10 reviews on Freelancer and about 60 on Scriptlance,

    Will all my reviews merged ?
    What if I want to keep the username at Scriptlance and rename it at Freelancer ?


  13. chris says:

    Does this mean that after 30 days, we will need to pay money in order to search for projects? I like the current method better where we are charged a fee if we begin working on a project. There is plenty of competition on Scriptlance and sometimes I go months without having a project to do, which would mean it wouldn’t make sense to pay a monthly fee if I’m not even being awarded projects. Perhaps I read this wrong. thanks

  14. Eftikharul Alam says:

    When the automatic transition process will be done? Excited to see new badge on my profile :)

  15. Sounds great. Hopefully, we will get more professionals who will be helping us out to keep all development projects up. I am not a member, so I wish they have an escrow option, which is very helpful for employers. Will see if it is going to be better, because I was absolutely satisfied member of

  16. Sab says:

    I tried scriptlance today and I saw the message. I tried to Login here with my SL account but it says error, now we have a problem. I hope I can have access to my account later today.

  17. Raj says:

    i got mail that my account is activated but when i tried to login its giving error
    “Login failure

    bxxxxxxxxxyip, your account has been closed.

    If you have further questions, please submit a ticket with our online helpdesk.

    and when i click on helpdesk button its giving login failure error.

    please let us know where to contact as on i’m not able to find contact us button.


  18. Ali says:

    What about the existing running projects, scriptlance used to charge 5% where charges 10% from programmers.

    I would be expecting a detailed reply on this.


  19. Layout.PH says:

    hi I have both accounts in scriptlancer with funds and some good star feedbacks from my past employers. Can I merge it with my old account?

  20. Sharad Upadhyay says:

    Scriptlance management was a nightmare to deal with – for programmers. All thanks to Freelancer that they ended it right here, and now we programmers can be assured that we’ll be paid for our hard-work, and buyers won’t be able to escape by raising disputes on sloppy/fake grounds. Hats off, Freelancer!!!

  21. Jaiprakash says:

    Can you clearly call out the changes that will be affect to scriptlace members migrated to FreeLancer?

  22. prem p singh says:

    i am member on scriptlance since 2 year have great review on that we r very happy to hear that freelancer acquire sl

    prem p singh (founder)
    twc group

  23. chx101 says:

    I have accounts on both sites. Actually freelancer was my first site. lol.

    Well, I was worried about getting the accounts screwed up but after reading this I’ve been assured they know their work.

    Good to be back here.

  24. Webnextech says:

    AWESOME….. This is simply AWESOME!

    I am sure it means more powerful marketplace now for freelancers and companies.

    Look forward seeing the after effects.

  25. We have accounts in both Scriptlance and Freelancer. We found using Scriptlance is much more easier than any other freelance job sites. For example, one freelancer can communicate with the buyer via PMB (Project Message Board) even before bidding on the project, in order to understand the job requirement better.

    We hope development team will go through the functionality of Scriptlance and will try to incorporate those.

    Contacting the support staff is another big issue here. The “Dispute” tab has an option to “Create New Dispute” but nothing happens there. We have a query regarding our account balance, but how can we contact the support personnel for that?

  26. robiul says:

    My scriptlance username is “robiul” But also has another freelacer on as same name. then how you will identify this case. and how i will logging?

  27. roshan kumar says:

    its totally wrong !! as per certified memeber on we have freedom to BID AS MUCH AS WE CAN but don’t provide that , as a freelancer WE HAVE LOSS . must provide all the facility have on same fee structure for all scriptlance USER

    its totally BAD NEWS , WE DON’T LIKE THAT

  28. HostVox says:

    Not at all good to hear this.. bcoz there are lots of freelancers who are success over ScritpLance, but not at FreeLancer which was earlier known as GetAFreelancer due to its structure and transparancy etc, freelancers were good enough set on Scriptlance and now all would conflict with each others, dont know how good or bad it will affect to freelancers of both sites.

  29. jawad says:

    ok i am not sure if its good or bad as currently my accounts are merged and its seems that i only got the money from scriptlance. now the thing is that my scriptlance account was quite good and excellent and i rarely get any project in or use it in last year. by the way what will they charge as the fee on sl was 5 % for each project compare to 10 % on

  30. vikash says:

    ITS NOT GOOD , have lower price and unlimited bid option don’t have its loss for freelancers using , is worth place for freelancer..


  31. Shah Hussain says:

    Well, I am sorry. But this is the saddest news of 2012!

    At-least Scriptlance had a best support for their clients. There were no spamming projects posted by unknown user!

    and I am using from last 3 years. All i see here is spamming, ghosting and no support for client and have to wait for 10+ for payments!!!

    Really Really Sad!!

    I am not freelancer anymore. End of freelancing for me.



  32. No Name says:

    This is really bad, is slow and not user friendly, just hate the idea of having to use it. This sucks.

  33. johnibom says:


    I believe it would be a good move, but not sure about the Rankings and other credentials we got at scriptlance! I have had my freelance profile as well, but never use it.


  34. Las3r says:

    What is taking so long ^^ :) The “merger” has silently been postponed (it takes longer) by 12 hours. I’m waiting for confirmation from some clients who only contact me through the former script slance PMB – Maybe you guys should hire me for the merge ;)

  35. Adnan says:


    I m tensed about my reviews of Scriptlance. What will happen of my reviews ? It is most important for my freelancing career. I hope Freelancer will concern about that.

  36. andi says:

    it will be great if the reviews (or at least the number of reviews) that we had at scriptlance be also migrated on freelancer.

    and also the skills that we had over there ( scriptlance rankings)

    will this be possible ?

  37. Abhisek says:

    The worst migration ever. I am a new freelancer on Scriptlance. I had completed couple of projects there and since the SL requires you to wait for a month before processing the first payment, I completed a month on 10th July. And now when I withdraw funds from Freelancer, they require me to wait for another 15 days. What is this? Also, I can’t see any ratings I had on SL. Very disappointing.

  38. KodrutZ says:

    This means your affiliate program will be ruined? After getafreelancer became freelancer, they destroyed the old affilate program. If they do the same with yours, I will stop using for good. THey’re only forcing their way into our wallets, nothing more, so we’ll end up spending more than earning to be freelancers here. Thank you, but I don’t want to be a part of this crap. “Basic Membership (valued at US$4.95)” wow! Why can’t we just have free accounts like before? This piece of news just ruined my day…

  39. Pete says:

    Where are my projects and where is my money? I’m not able to login using my username and password. Could you please help?

  40. Joe A. says:

    I’ve been trying to log-in to for the last two days using my Scriptlance log-in information, but cannot access the site. Do I need to sign up for a new account?

    I was in the middle of two projects on Scriptlance…How do I access these projects to get them completed? I had money in escrow…

    Please help! Thanks in advance.

  41. Majid says:

    If someone had accounts on both sites, now they will have two accounts on which is bad and against TOS. I guess you guys have thought about this possibility and have procedures/automation code for merging the extra freelancer account into one’s old account. But I couldn’t find any information on this. So here are my questions:

    1. What steps should the member take?
    2. Does their funds from the newly created freelancer account get transferred into their old freelancer account without hassle (automatically)?
    3. What about reviews from old scriptlance account?

  42. Jagan says:



    Iam a scriptlance freelance ….i would like to access my account but when i login with my scriptlance user and pass it did not allow me

  43. Dennis says:

    This is sad for all of us who were dedicated to scriptlance only, how do we start coping u with the new environment, new site, starting from scratch and all that? My online working career is almost finished I guess now. I just wish would have instead run the two sites against each other rather than merging us into one crumpled place. Now being assigned work is going to be a dream for most of us due to the increased competition and increased number of freelancers who post very low bids to get work. I don’t see the advantages this merger has brought to some of us.

  44. SonicSam says:

    What Majid brought up definitely needs to be addressed. Our reviews are a crucial part to our account! Will they be restored?

  45. almas says:

    I had account at scriptlance. At this moment I can not login at what should I do now? I am not finding any solution or information any where. How I get help?

  46. Jeremy says:

    I have the same concerns as Majid and can’t seem to find my old reviews from scriptlance which are an important part of my work finding ability. Also, where can I view the Foundation Scriptlance Member badge?

  47. Mummy Ninja says:

    Oh.. so that’s why I’m being redirected to I thought scriptlance was hacked. Hahahaha.. too bad for me not reading the news. :D

  48. Bala says:

    Ouch.. We had a webmaster account with scriptlance. There was some money in escrow and balance money too. Unfortunately the same email id was used for the freelancer account which I have with Now I got it in to trouble. When I tried to login using that webmaster account, says password not correct. When I tried to reset the password, its sending my freelancer userid.

    What should I do now? Please help.

  49. Soumya says:

    Yes, I am currently facing the same problem. I have used different email address for and

    Now support said that I have to close any one of the account since its can not be merged and I can transfer the balance in any one account and close the other.

    But they didnt said anything about the feedbacks/reviews I had in my account.

    Will be waiting eagerly on any update regarding this issue.

  50. victor says:

    What happens with ratings? I saw that the feedback has been transferred already from my scriptlance account, but on my freelancer profile page, my average rating score hasn’t been computed.

    Is this something I should worry about, or should I wait more? Does anybody know?

  51. Gagan Masoun says:

    this is awesome news, acquires Scriptlance…. I am also the member of scriptlance. So many offers for scriptlance users on freelancer. hurrrrrrrrrrr

  52. four4cabbies (was 4cabbies) says:

    I’m still unable to login and manage an open project after several days and six attempts for chat support to fix the problem, and absolutely no response at all from email support.

    Is this the level of support employers can expect from

  53. John Canady says:

    I m also registered with scriptlance dot com I have also some issue that :
    1. What steps should the member take?
    2. Does their funds from the newly created freelancer account get transferred into their old freelancer account without hassle (automatically)?
    3. What about reviews from old scriptlance account?

  54. Mike Rodriguez says:


    I have no idea (I have a guess but…) what is?

    Any FAQ’s on the web just go to your home page, so I thik you should probably post a note on this page describing what was, like other mergered companies do.

    Just my two cents.

  55. HI,

    What about reviews from old scriptlance account? I have 70+ reviews on scriptlance but on freelance I did not work largely so can get back my scriptlace reviews on freelance account please reply me,


  56. Sudarshan says:

    Although my scriptlance account is merged with freelancer account. I can’t see my feed back. It says it will take 24-48 hrs, but it’s been 3 days.
    does it take longer than this?

  57. Alakananda says:

    You need to make things easier for scriptlance members. E.g. getting my feedback transferred shouldn’t hinge on adding a verified payment method. Sorry to say, I hate freelancer already. It’s difficult to use and has too many requirements.

  58. niladric says:

    It seems you are merging accounts of both sites for providers having account at both places – which is fine by me. But what about the “free membership for 1 month” for these providers?


  59. Rajini says:

    What about reviews from old scriptlance account?
    I have good reviews in scriptlance account.

  60. Phpfreelancerindia says:


    I have account on with good feedback but now on freelancer I am not able to get log in my account. I am waiting for reply from support but not getting any reply.

    Have I lost all my feedback and my account which is present on

    I am not happy with support of

  61. Paul says:

    I do not agree whit this move , the former was better for as freelancers .

    I had an account here on and never got any project at all plus the old payment methods does not work now I refer to my payoneer card in this case , and there are many other things that I do not agree with

  62. Beewol says:

    Wow, I’m already excited about starting over with Freelance. I had an account with Freelance but wasn’t quite using it. Now I can merge both my scriptlance and freelance accounts and make a bigger killing. Great news indeed.


    CONGRATULATIONS Team Freelancer ! You are really growing….after getafreelancer this is the big news……

    Proud to be an old timer here with you….

    best wishes

  64. I assume it will be a bumpy transition for some Scriptlance members and some won’t be to happy about it. But it’s a nice shot in the arm for the current Freelancer members looking for new talent.

  65. Chris says:

    This is terrible. I lost all my perfect feedback I had earned over years!? Lost my top programmers. And I cannot even find my remaining balance. Terrible, terrible, terrible. I loved ScriptLance. I could have used if I wanted to – but chose ScriptLance. VERY UNHAPPY.

  66. Krishan Dutt says:

    This is an excellent news. I hope it would be beneficial for client as well as members as we will have more opportunities now.

    Look forward to a growing business here….

  67. Mpire Media says:

    already signed up at several months ago and really awaited that someone will adapt scriptlance i nteh near future and so – it happened.

    good job. :)

    looking forward to new features on this plattform here….really njoy it.

    cheers from munich

  68. Md Arsad Ali Sarkar says:

    How can add my sriptlance Account in Please Help me.
    My freelancer Id is ershadkhan3. My Scriptlnce id Name seoexpert7.

  69. According a press statement, Scriptlance has users from 244 countries and regions, and has seen over 600,000 projects posted on the site to date. In total, it has self-reportedly paid more than $43 million to freelancers.

  70. Idebenone says:

    Scriptlance members will immediately notice that outsourcing work and winning projects is easier and faster than ever on Employers will find a much deeper pool of world-class talent, with over 4 million skilled freelancers ready to complete your projects. Also, with over 2.3 million projects completed to date in over 450 skill categories, the opportunities available to freelancers are now greater than ever before!

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