Increase your Account Security with the new Security Phone Number!

At, we are continually developing new and better ways to protect your account and keep your information secure.

Today, we are pleased to announce a new feature on that makes that secure experience even better – the ability to set your own personal Security Phone Number!

Your Security Phone Number, when set, will be used to verify important changes to your Freelancer account, and shortly it will include changes to sensitive account information (including your email address), important financial items such as your withdrawal method, or if we detect an unusual transfer of funds. Additionally it is an important feature to recover your account in the event your account is hacked or you fall victim to a phishing attack.

To set up your Security Phone Number, just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Edit Account Details and select “Set your Security Phone Number”
2. Provide your preferred phone number and country and we’ll send a keycode to verify your number.
3. On successful completion, this number will be locked to your account and may be used to protect or recover your account in future.

Your Security Phone Number will only be able to be subsequently changed by providing additional verification of your identity.

We care just as much as you do in providing a safe environment here at This new feature will reduce the chance of someone hijacking your account, defrauding you, and prevent phishing attacks. We urge you to complete this verification process for your own security.

Protect yourself – set your Security Phone Number today!

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