The Lowdown on Project Upgrades


Hiring on is fast and easy. Employers only have to post the project details (see our guide to project posting), and the bids will start rolling in. There are instances though when you may have special needs. Maybe you want to keep a project private, or need expert help with your hiring. Maybe you need someone who can work full-time, or you just want more exposure for your job ad. This is where project upgrades come in.

Project upgrades gives you a variety of hiring options that you can avail of for a fee. At the bottom of your project page, you’ll find the project upgrades box, where you can tailor-make your project to your liking. The choices range from privacy, confidentiality, and project timeframe, to time commitment, assistance, and visibility. Just tick off the items that you need and you’re ready to post your customized project! Here’s a rundown of the upgrades you can take advantage of.

Recruiter ($29): This gives you expert assistance from our recruitment team, who will help you get going quickly and find you the right freelancer for the job. Choosing this option can actually increase your project’s success rate by 250% (on average from September to October 2014 based on completed projects according to company data).

Featured ($29): Check this box to list your project as a featured one. It will be highly visible on the ‘Featured Jobs and Contests’ page and jazzed up with attention-grabbing graphics, which will help attract more high-quality bids. With Featured, freelancers won’t have to scroll through pages and pages just to see your bid.

Urgent ($9): Tagging your project as urgent is a sure-fire way to get work done on the site in the fastest way possible. You’ll be able to bypass our project checks and post your project immediately. It will be tagged as ‘Ending Soon’ and will only be open for 24 hours. This guarantees a faster response from freelancers who are ready to work, and you’ll be able to fast-track your project.

Sealed ($9): This option automatically seals the bids that come in so that the freelancers won’t see what each other is bidding. This results in better and more accurate bids, since the bidders are encouraged to calculate their rates on their own instead of trying to beat the other bidders by offering lower prices or quicker deadlines.

Fulltime ($199): Tick this if you’re looking to hire for ongoing work. If you need a full-time or commission-based freelancer, this upgrade will enable you to save money. Instead of posting multiple projects over time and get charged for each one, you can only get charged for one. Also, fees are only charged if the project value exceeds $5000 USD.

Private ($19): Go for this if security is a priority for you or your company. This will keep all the details of your project hidden from search engines, social media, and users who are not logged in.

NDA ($20): If you need to keep the details of your project confidential, consider getting this option. It requires freelancers to digitally sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before placing bids, and also agree to keep all details including private messages and files uploaded on Freelancer private.

We’ve made these choices available so that you can have the flexibility to post projects according to your specifications. Ready to try it out? Post a project now and take your pick from our upgrades menu!

Success Story: Musician Starts a Freelancing Career in His Studio


Juan Martin Porcel Iturralde worked in an international company in Argentina where he was given the opportunity to travel to different countries. He didn’t feel satisfied however, and felt like there was something missing in his career. He thought of giving up his job for his first love, music, but he wasn’t sure how to make a comfortable living out of it.

Not the type to give up, Juan pursued his passion one step at a time. “I never stopped composing. I never stopped my curiosity for music,” he shared. He learned to play a lot of instruments: guitar, drums, bass, piano, and he also learned to manage every virtual instrument such as synths and electronic DAW (Logic, Ableton, Fruityloops, etc.).

Eventually, Juan quit his sales job and settled for a part-time job in the mornings, where he did sales at the Buenos Aires International Airport. The rest of his day he filled with his dream job – music. He was all set; he had a home studio he specifically built for his startup business. “Once I realized that I can get jobs associated with music such as song composition, arrangements, and sound design, I started to invest in some good hardware to have better work quality.”

Finally on the right track to turning his passion into work, Juan sat proud in the middle of his cozy little studio, waiting for customers to whirl themselves in. “I ran into a blank wall. Nobody came in and I didn’t know where to find them.”

That was when he stumbled upon “I browsed the web looking for a way to work from my studio. I chose because I think it is the biggest website for freelancing. It has a lot of projects from all around the world in several categories,” he said.

A few months later, he had already gained the trust of many of his clients, and they kept coming back. He also had to employ a musician and a singer because he was already overloaded with work.

“The speed of my business’ growth is so fast that I’m actually thinking of giving up my part-time job,” he said, adding that working full-time on might be a great idea because his earnings were better. The more time he dedicates, the more money he would earn.

Providing a comfortable life for his family wasn’t only his sole motivation. Juan said that doing what he loves every day without having to leave home was all he needed. “When you love what you do, you would want to work all day because you enjoy it.”

Read more about Juan Martin’s experiences on here.

Do you want to be able to free yourself from a stressful 9-to-5 job and focus on doing what you love? Like Juan Martin, you can also work on your passion. is here to assist you. Sign up now!


Need more than one freelancer? Form a team!


This week we ran a story about how Danish couple Mikkel Jersin and Julie Karla were able to build a team of freelancers on Through the site, they were able to hire a developer, a translator, a writer, SEO specialists, and an illustrator, all of whom helped them put together a Nordic food website called The employers were from Denmark, while the freelancers came from different countries (Canada, Romania, Nigeria, India, and Pakistan). Despite the international nature of the project, it was completed at minimal cost.

It may seem daunting to try to put together a team of freelancers that you only know by name, resume, and what they send out on the Internet, but it’s actually a breeze. Here’s how.

Create a reputable employer profile.
Before you send the word out that you’re hiring, you have to make sure you have a good profile that applicants can trust. An empty profile page or company website can seem suspicious, so try to share some information about you or your company and what you do. Your reputation as an employer plays a big part in getting quality job bids.

Figure out what you need done.
If you have this huge project that you need a lot of help with, you need to break it down into chunks. Dividing the work into parts will help you figure out what kind of freelancers you need and what tasks you are to give them.

Hire people with specialized skills.
When you have an enormous goal to conquer, it’s easy to go for the person who has a general skill set and seems to be capable of everything. The thing is, such a big project requires specialized knowledge for specific tasks. If you’re making a lifestyle website for instance, you might need a web developer, a writer, a graphic designer, and maybe even a photographer. Don’t post one project and say you need someone to help you come up with a lifestyle website. Post the ads by task instead.

One of the best things to happen to outsourcing is the emergence of a global network of freelancers ready to work at a moment’s notice. Use it to your advantage and don’t limit your hiring to just one country or one industry. The world is at your fingertips, and tapping into a resource like will help you find the exact people you’re looking for.

Ready to build your dream team? Start posting projects!

Guide to Part-Time Freelancing

It could very well be that you want to experience what it’s like to do freelance work. Maybe you want to see if the stories of how you can “be your own boss” or how you can “work on your own terms” are true. Maybe you’re a full-time employee just looking to earn extra money on the side, or you want to pursue your passions outside of your regular nine-to-five. Perhaps you’re a fresh graduate who wants to add more experience to your resume, or you’re someone who wants to add value to your current work by acquiring new skills. Maybe you want to take a step towards starting your own business and want to test the waters, or you have special circumstances that doesn’t allow you to work full hours. Maybe you just need a safety net in case life throws you hurdles such as suddenly losing your permanent job.

If you answered yes to some or all of the above, part-time freelancing may be for you. Yes, there’s such a thing. Freelancing isn’t just for full-time road warriors or work-from-home aficionados. Different strokes for different folks, or so they say, and sometimes doing work on the side is the way to go. Here’s our guide to moonlighting.

To moonlight or not to moonlight?
Thinking about quitting your current work and do full-time freelancing Instead? Stop. Don’t quit just yet. Keep your day job for now. Ease your way into the next one or perhaps a full-time freelancing career, but don’t rush on your decisions.

Part-time freelancing can give you a general feel of how it will be once you decide that you wish to go full-time. Many people show interest in tackling freelancing but are not sure how to start, or are uncertain if it is a good fit for their lifestyle, or if it is even possible to exist on freelancing at all. Keeping one foot in the safe zone may just be your anchor in keeping financial security. Moonlighting will give you an idea of how your freelance track might look like.

At the same time, part-time freelancing can let you earn extra on the side while you’re building up on working towards what you really want to do in life. Additionally, part-time freelance work might just be your ticket to getting to know more people in the industry you want to pursue, such as meeting potential clients and/or partners for future dealings.

Part-time freelancing may seem easy, but it’s not without its challenges. Be prepared to encounter some of these hurdles.

  • Time Management - Start planning ahead. Part-time freelancing will mean having to juggle your day job and your part-time job. You will have to arrange your schedule to accommodate both your own and your clients. Keep track of your deadlines. In most cases, freelancers negotiate to add a buffer of a day or two on top of the client’s initial deadline for some leeway. The worst-case scenario is that you send in work on time (your buffered deadline), and the best-case scenario is that you get to send in work earlier than expected (client’s deadline).
  • Your Personal Workspace – As a part-time freelancer, you will have to determine your workspace. It can be at home, outside, at a coffee shop, or rented space. Claim it as your work-time space.Make sure distractions are non-existent and that the nearest form of entertainment requires some sort of work to get to. Try to keep your full-time job and your part-time jobs separate, and your home life as well.
  • Keep Track of Your Savings - Part of the reason why you started freelancing part-time was to earn extra cash. Probably it was to help you save up for that gaming PC, a new car part to replace the fading headlights, that makeup collection that your best friend has been raving about, or probably just want those new boots that you’ve been meaning to buy. These are all well and good reasons but don’t forget to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of why you started taking up freelancing the the first place. It could probably be to start a business in the near future, or you have the intention of saving up for a rainy day. Whatever the reason may be, it will mean requiring a capital of some sort to keep afloat. Perhaps reconsider buying a PC part instead of the whole shebang or an alternative brand of makeup that’s just as good as your best friend’s brand but at a fraction of the cost. It’s easy to get carried away if you have other sources of income, but doing part-time freelancing can be lucrative if you’re smart about it.
  • Networking – Moonlighting can sometimes mean shorter project durations or lower earnings. You may need several small jobs to actually earn something substantial. Part of surviving as a freelancer is the network it provides for opportunities, projects, or probable partners for business ventures. Most likely, you won’t get that if you’re always stuck at home. Our advice? Simple. Get out there. Join conventions on weekends, try out a coworking space to meet other freelancers and collaborate, network online, attend networking events (even those that are not directly related to your field of expertise), and, chances are, the more people you know, more opportunities will come your way.

Starting Out
Finally, go out there and test the waters. There’s nothing to lose in trying out new things to expand your horizons or to create your own path towards what you’re passionate about.

The trick is to prepare a resume and portfolio, and jump right in. Don’t know where to begin? Here’s a list of some of the jobs you can try out.

How-To: Post a Project


When you need something done, all you have to do is hire a freelancer to help you. At, the easiest way to do that is by posting a project. Think of it as a free and fast way of putting up a job ad – you just have to fill out a form and it’s done.

Once you post a project, bids from interested freelancers will instantly start coming in. Then it’s up to you to sift through the applicants, check their profiles, and even chat with them to make sure they’re right for the job.

It’s easy to post a project, but it can be difficult to find the kind of people you need for the job. Here’s how to make sure your project page will attract the best and most qualified bidders.

Give a detailed project name

Your project name should be as detailed as possible. It’s what freelancers first see when they browse jobs, and plays a big part in getting people to click on to your project page and bid. Some freelancers actually bid without bothering to read anything else on the project page, so your project name needs to be able to impart as much information about the job as possible.

If you need a graphic designer for example, your title should say what kind of graphic the person would be expected to do (logo, blog illustration, or something else), and what the graphic would be for (a company, a magazine, an ad, so on and so forth). This way, you have more chances of finding someone with the exact experience you need. However, try to be as concise as you can too. A lot of people won’t take the time to read the entirety of a very long project name.

Be specific

The work category dropdown menu that you find at the top of the Post Project page is offered as an option, but it’s a good idea to use it. Answering the question “What work do you require?” will help narrow down your bids. The list has all the popular work categories on the site – such as Writing, Design, and Data Entry – but you can also choose the Customized option that will let you select skills manually.

The skills box is where you can enter five skills that relate to the project. This is where you can get even more specific by entering specialized skills. The freelancers who have the skills you entered will be notified about your project, so if you put in skills that aren’t so general, you’ll be able to target the freelancers you really need.

Provide a thorough job description

The project description is where you lay out everything the freelancers need to know about the job, so be as comprehensive as you can. You don’t have to reveal any sensitive information about your project or your company, but making essential project facts available will help bidders ascertain whether or not they can help with your project or not.

Take the time to explain what you need done and how you want things done. Try to anticipate any concerns freelancers may have and address them. Is it an ongoing project or will it just last a couple of months? Will the freelancer be paid by the hour or by commission? Will the work be done in parts, or do you expect it to be completed in one go? It’s better to lay all this information out at the very start so that bidders know what they’re getting themselves into.

Give examples

Under the project description box, you’ll find a place where you can upload files. Use this space to show examples of what you need for the project, such as sample articles, graphics for inspiration, or even code to start on, among other things. This will help give bidders an even better picture of the project you have in mind.

Determine the project type and budget

The last things you need to pin down are the project type and budget. You have the option to pay the freelancer you’re hiring a set amount at the end of the project, or pay by the hour if the project entails ongoing work.

As for the budget, you can select the currency of your choice from the dropdown menu. You can either pick a budget range or create a custom budget and enter the minimum and maximum bids you want.

Opt for upgrades

If you have room in your budget, take advantage of a project upgrade. There are several options to choose from that will definitely help in getting you more quality bids in a shorter amount of time.

Choices include marking a project urgent, which ensures replies from freelancers within 24 hours; sealing a project, which keeps bidders from seeing what others are bidding; and featuring a project on the ‘Features Jobs and Contests’ page, which allows your project to be displayed more prominently, resulting in more bids. You can also choose to get help from our recruitment team, mark a project as full-time or commission-based, make a project private and hidden from search engines, and havea project require a Non-Disclosure Agreement for confidentiality purposes.

Having a complete project page is crucial in being able to find good freelancers. Follow these tips and you’ll get the bids that you want in no time. Post a project now!


Success Story: Danish Foodies Assemble Dream Team on


The sudden wave of interest in Nordic cuisine inspired Julie Karla to launch a big recipe portal with Nordic food recipes catered to the American market. Julie Karla, a well-known Danish food blogger and national champion of home cooking, collaborated with Mikkel Jersin, a project manager, to create, which features easy-to-make healthy food based on organic recipes.

“Unfortunately, none of us are experts when it comes to websites, programming, or getting traffic for a website,” Mikkel said. “In fact, we hardly knew anything about it when we started the project. Our one and only starting point was a bunch of Nordic recipes that Julie developed in our kitchen and her local food blog.”

Mikkel and Julie needed more than one person to help them set up the website and they weren’t sure if their shoestring budget would allow them to hire professionals in Denmark. With a budget of $800, they wanted to be able to hire a developer, translator, writer, SEO specialists, and illustrator.

“A site like this would cost 5-10 times as much in Denmark or possibly a lot more. The price for such things here is so enormously expensive that we didn’t even try to do it in Denmark. The translation of the recipes alone would break the budget,” Mikkel said.

They decided to rely on, the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace. First, they hired someone from Canada to translate Danish recipes to American standard. They needed an illustrator next to make the site more personal and found a Nigerian artist who did more than 50 drawings. Also included in their team were a Romanian SEO analyst, an American ghostwriter living in Pakistan, a team of Indian SEO specialists, and an Indian website developer.

“The process works like a breeze and it’s even quite fun when posting a project. All the bids coming in rapidly from all over the world, choosing the team, and getting to know them while working with them. To us, it’s really amazing that this is actually possible. We have dreamed about doing this project for years, but we couldn’t find the right people to help us within our budget and with the right qualifications. Had we known how easy it was, we would have done it years ago. For anyone planning to set up a business, we strongly recommend they dive in and get started straight away,” Mikkel said.

Continue reading about Mikkel and Julie Karla’s story here.

Do you want to join a team of freelancers? Create a free account on now.

Do you want to create your own team? Post a project now!

Building your Freelance Reputation


Freelancing entails posting one’s skills online, placing bids, and waiting for clients to come knocking. Commonly, the client no longer conducts lengthy interviews with the freelancer and instead only browses through the freelancer’s profile. On this occasion, you want to immediately capture the client’s attention by showing that you have a solid freelancing reputation. This is because no matter how talented and skilled you are, if employers don’t see evidence of who you claim to be, they will look somewhere else.

Building a reputation online is challenging and made more difficult by the fact that there are many freelancers ahead of you with years of experience. Fortunately, the online outsourcing world is fast-paced and the demand for skills is steadily growing. There is an endless stream of jobs bound to be taken, but will you get picked?

In order to begin building your freelance reputation, consider doing the following:

Produce only the best work – Make it your mantra to deliver only quality results on each and every project. Even though it’s tempting to only do what pleases the client, you also need to think of its impact on a global scale. Your client has tons of people connected to his network and once the project goes live, these people can look at what you’ve done. It will be privy to his friends, colleagues, Twitter followers, and essentially anyone who stumbles upon the project.

Whenever you work on something, keep in mind that someone else aside from your client is going to take a look at it so make every project the best you’ve ever done. The upside is that these people may also be your potential clients.

Strive for a positive feedback – The process of coaxing a positive feedback out of a client may be difficult and lengthy. However, there is an easier way: practice goodwill. What really makes you remembered is not how fast you finished the project or how well you understood the instructions; it is how you acted during every encounter.

Clients may eventually forget how great the project was, but your attitude while doing it will remain and they will be more than happy to spread the word. If you are in a client’s go-to list, chances are, they will tell everyone to put you in their own lists too.

Get inspiration from criticism – It’s almost impossible to please every single person who criticizes your work especially if the project has long been over and client satisfaction has been met. Since you probably won’t re-do the entire project just because a critic expressed dislike, acknowledge the criticism and use it as inspiration to do better on your next project.

Build your profile and portfolio – Your profile and portfolio are your main selling points. You want both to be organized and effective enough for clients to be persuaded that you are the perfect person for the job.

For someone who is just starting out, organizing your profile page adds concrete to your reputation building. Every time you successfully finish a project, get an excerpt and add it to your list of accomplishments.

Include completed projects, samples of your work, and any other proof of your capabilities in your portfolio. Keep it organized and clutter-free for easy viewing as well.

Remember to post a complete resume too. For more tips on how to keep everything neat and complete, read “Is your profile working for you?”

Doing things with a desire to be the best and going the extra mile to ensure that work is above and beyond expectations are the ingredients to building a strong freelance reputation. Make it your goal to perfect your performance without the thought of prestige lingering at the back of your mind. Before you know it, you’re already a reputable and sought-after freelancer.

Freelancer Desktop App Now Available in Mac OS X!


The wait is finally over!

The desktop app is now available for Mac OS X. Yes, Mac users can now take advantage of the following amazing perks:

For Freelancers:

  • Helps build trust between employee and employer

Freelancers just need to log in to the app to show their employers the hard work they’re putting in for every hourly project! It helps them gain their employers’ trust and build lasting working relationships.

  • Get paid for every hour of work

Forget about horror stories of unpaid working hours! The desktop app helps the freelancers get paid for all working hours because it shows them the time work started and ended, thereby serving as proof of productivity.

  • Increase earnings by as much as 150%*.

Sankalp Agrawal, Computer Science and Engineering student and freelancer, is just one of the hundreds of desktop app users who have increased their hourly project earnings by using the tool. He attests to getting paid for every single hour he works when logged in to the desktop app. Increased earnings is a guarantee!

For Employers:

  • Monitors the progress of freelancers

The desktop app can efficiently help employers keep track of their freelancers’ work milestones. They don’t have to wonder if their freelancers are productive in their projects or not.

  • Ensures production of quality work

It takes a screenshot every few minutes and allows employers to leave comments. This makes for efficient collaboration between employer and freelancer.

  • Confirms hours worked by freelancers

Employers will never have to worry about paying for unproductive hours! The desktop app assures that every hour billed is actual hour worked by freelancers.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why thousands of subscribers who use Linux and Windows have downloaded and used the desktop app. Now, Mac users can join their ranks too!

Download the app now and start enjoying the privileges it has to offer.

*Comparison of average freelancer earnings between timetracker app users and non-users during June to October 2014.

The World Is Your Office


Anyone who’s worked a greater part of their lives inside an office dreams of becoming a road warrior working remotely. The stress of constantly churning out work from a cubicle and worrying about the adverse effects of fluorescent lighting is not something we would like to worry about. We’d rather be out of the office, mobile, interfacing with our clients, enjoying the sun and probably a glass of mojito. Better yet, we all aspire to work remotely facing the beach or beautiful scenery.

This lifestyle seems out of our reach, but not entirely impossible. We’ve entered an age where working remotely has become a reality, which anyone can grasp and take hold of. Technology has empowered us to break free from the chains of our desktop and the physical constraints of our workplace.

Many freelancers, managers and entrepreneurs are working in various parts of the world, becoming very location-independent. Let’s take Martin — a British-Chinese freelancer acquiring work via’s outsourcing marketplace — as an example. He is a transient that travels from one location to another, enjoying the sights and constantly updating his Instagram and photoblog of his latest journeys. To pay for his bills, Martin works on delivering quality structured e-commerce sites while he’s enjoying the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the beach. “I’ve worked most of my adult life as an office dweller in a Dilbert-ish lifestyle. I cringe whenever I remember it. Just like now.“ says Martin.

Our parents have worked inside offices their entire lives. It was imparted to us when we were growing up that we should also follow the same path. Technology and the Internet totally flipped everything over and allowed location-independent work to flourish. Now, we’re free to work anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. It has freed us to live life how and where we want it, instead of being tied down to one location. This level of flexibility has led to better output and higher productivity in the digital workplace.

Another freelancer, Adrian, dives almost everyday in Cebu and Panglao, Philippines, while serving photographers from all over the world, editing their photos. He uses the Freelancer mobile app to keep track of his projects, which lets him stay on top of things wherever he may be. When asked if he’ll ever get tired of what’s he’s doing and return to his old 9-5 job as a retail marketing manager, Adrian replied “No way, I’m not going to trade this for anything. I get to dive when I want, where I want and work anytime I want. My day revolves around the ocean; the night is spent on the rest of the world.”

It’s not just about blazing trails or taking the road less traveled — freelancing is a way of life. It is not just a style of working, rather it’s work-life balance. It gives people the mobility and flexibility required to experience the world without losing their financial stability. This balance needs to be sustained. Freelancers can choose to live this type of lifestyle, however contrary to popular belief, it’s not an easy one. It comes with own ups and downs; the results depends on how one would navigate it. If you do it correctly, you’ll be enjoying life.

The Best Money-making Websites


Yes, it is possible to make money on the Internet, especially if you are willing to put in some effort. They may not make you rich overnight, but they are worth it if you need money for one reason or another. Also, if you keep working on it over a longer period of time, you could definitely multiply your earnings and maybe make a living out of it.

But be wary of scams. Don’t be fooled if they pull an over-promising ploy that claims they’d help you to get rich quickly. Try to veer away from them as much as possible because sometimes, things that appear too good to be true are indeed just that.

If you are interested in venturing into online money making, here’s the lowdown on some of the best and legitimate websites you can generate income from: – Become a contributor to Fantero and earn from your original stock images, vectors, illustrations, icons, buttons and other graphics of all kinds.

Google AdSense – Lets you earn money by displaying targeted ads next to your online content. You will be paid a small amount when the ad is either displayed on your page, or clicked on. – If you have digital properties, particularly domains & websites, you can earn by selling them on Freemarket. Listing is completely free so this website is a bargain! – Allows you to earn from buying or selling just about anything on their site. – Do you love kniting? Sewing fresh threads? Making beautiful jewellry? Then Etsy is a marketplace for you! Sell your wares direct to a global market. – is the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace. You earn by simply finding & winning the project that interests you, accomplishing the task and getting paid for it. – Pinecone Research members receive points for each completed survey. Points can be redeemed for cash or prizes. – TryMyUI enables website developers to learn about user experience with their website through Usability Testing. Sign up as a tester and get paid $10 per test. – Earn valuable reward points that can be cashed in for gift cards or other exciting stuff when you share your opinion and become an E-Poll member. – GlobalTestMarket members sign up to enjoy the benefits of taking paid online surveys and earning rewards

Warrior Forum – Warrior Forum is an Internet marketers paradise allowing its members to make bank as either a product seller or affiliate marketer using Warrior Payments, a state of the art payments platform which helps you sell products online. This sites the real deal! is a first-of-its-kind web site that pays people for their online content and monetizes their social activity.

These are just a few of the websites out there where people are making money online. Have another great idea? Share this link on social media and let us know!